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ADF – Attribute <attribute_name> in <app_module>.<vo_name> is required.

Hi there, After a change in our database today, one of the columns that we use was marked as not mandatory. This is normally not a problem, as we just open up the EO and uncheck the mandatory flag. Once I ran the application and filled in the form though, I started getting the error:¬†Attribute […]

ADF – Definition association of type Entity Association is not found

After re-syncing my entities with the database, I started running getting this error when I ran my application. The problem was that after the sync, the package prefixes that I had given for the associations and entities had been lost within the Application Module and Entity Objects. To solve this issue, open the files and […]

Converting .vdi to .img file

This is a quick guide to convert .vdi (VirtualBox) files to .img files and how you convert .img files to .vdi (VirtualBox) files. To convert a .vdi file to a .img file, you can use these easy steps: .vdi to .img Windows Open up command prompt (click start, then type/click run) Issue the following command: […]