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Kevin Stroud

ADF – Recursive Tree

This post will show you how to create a multi-level tree in ADF, using a single View Object. Download the ADF Recursive Tree JDeveloper project here… The first step is to create your business components. I will be basing this off of the HR schema, using the employees table. 1) Enter your database details: 2) […]

Converting .vdi to .img file

This is a quick guide to convert .vdi (VirtualBox) files to .img files and how you convert .img files to .vdi (VirtualBox) files. To convert a .vdi file to a .img file, you can use these easy steps: .vdi to .img Windows Open up command prompt (click start, then type/click run) Issue the following command: […]

Hello, World!

As the title says, hello everyone! This is to be my blog <applause>, sharing all of my experiences with Oracle Fusion Middleware. I am an ADF/Java developer and a WebLogic admin. I work for iFactory Consulting, in South Africa. I will be posting my first how-to this week. I hope you enjoy it! Kevin